A Prayer for Iraq and Syria

1623617_10152579606750590_2673355775065316097_nI have been watching with growing horror the news reports out of Iraq as ISIS continues to take ground there and systematically and brutally murder religious minorities. I have read of atrocities I would like to disbelieve. I have seen pictures I wish I could forget. I have found myself in tears listening to a Yadizi member of Iraqi Parliament plead for her people. And in tears again as I read of people fleeing – with nothing – from a place of terror to a place no longer considered safe. And in tears again as I read of thousands of people trapped in the mountains in the heat – with no water, no food, and little hope of survival. I have felt utterly helpless, and have been tempted toward despair.
But faith tells me that prayer is effective. So I offer this prayer on behalf of all the minorities suffering in Iraq and Syria at this moment (not just those who follow Christ).  And, because God’s compassion does not discriminate, I offer this prayer also for those who were indoctrinated with hate at a very young age and are now committing atrocities that will, one day, by the grace of God, fill them with horror.

Lord, God – how long?

How long must we bear the taint of sin

That sucks and pulls at our humanity?

Suffering God, hear the cry of your people in Iraq and Syria!

In your name ISIS butchers.

In your name ISIS tortures children.

In your name ISIS rapes and steals and murders.

Lord come quickly to uphold your name.

Reveal to the blinded their own actions.

Bring them to their knees with weeping.

Unveil to them the depth of their evil.

Turn them from darkness before they are lost.

You are the living water – bring water to the thirsty.

You are the bread of life – bring food to the hungry.

You are the good shepherd – guide the escape of the fleeing.

You are the true vine – provide community for the wandering.

You are the light of the world – give clear vision to those who lead.

You are the gate – provide safe haven for those in danger.

You are the resurrection and the life – give hope to the dying.

You are the way, the truth, and the life –provide a future for the destitute.

For you have not despised the suffering of the afflicted ones.

You feel every cut of the knife.

You share their agony.

You share their fear.

You share their weeping.

You share their hunger and thirst.

You share their poverty and displacement.

Lord Jesus, come quickly to help them.

Lamb of God, hear their cry.

And for us, who are distant:

Keep us from complacency.

Help us to not be overwhelmed into inactivity

By the size of this struggle.

Open our eyes to what we can do.

Teach us to pray.

Teach us to use our resources wisely.

Keep our hearts broken.

Keep our eyes wet with tears.

Come, Lord Jesus,

come quickly.

Thank you for taking the time to pray. If you want to explore other options for action, consider writing a letter to your local politician asking for political action in this situation – including the offering of asylum to refugees. Or participate in an international day of prayer and fasting on Wednesday, August 15th (link below). Also consider supporting one of the organizations (listed below) doing good relief and reconciliation work in Iraq and Syria.

The Foundation for Relief and Reconciliation in the Middle East: http://frrme.org/

Iraq Refugee Crisis: http://www.gofundme.com/iraq-refugee-crisis

An Urgent Call to Prayer

Canadians can sign this petition to urge their government toward action.

This is a good interview that puts some things in perspective: http://jonathanmerritt.religionnews.com/2014/07/25/wearen-media-misses-iraqi-christian-persecution/

Support the persecuted church: http://info.persecution.org/iraqi-crisis/

Please feel free to suggest additional organizations in the comments.