Happy Pentecost!

This Sunday is Pentecost Sunday. Andrew is preaching on “The Road to Emmaus” rather than on Pentecost this week (finishing up his series on “Eating With Jesus,” check it out at BACC). Since the road to Emmaus is all about the revelation of Christ in and through us, I thought it would be appropriate to use “Spirit of Faith, Come Down,” a hymn written by Charles Wesley, for our call to worship and our benediction. 
We’ll read the first two verses as our call to worship, while we light multiple candles on our table – to symbolize the tongues of flame that descended upon the disciples. The final two verses will be our benediction.

Spirit of Faith, Come Down

Text: Charles Wesley, 1707-1788
Music: Sacred Harp
Tune: BEALOTH, Meter: SMD

1.  Spirit of faith, come down,

reveal the things of God,

and make to us the Godhead known,

and witness with the blood.

‘Tis thine the blood to apply

and give us eyes to see,

who did for every sinner die

hath surely died for me.

2. No one can truly say

that Jesus is the Lord,

unless thou take the veil away

and breathe the living Word.

Then, only then, we feel

our interest in his blood,

and cry with joy unspeakable,

“Thou art my Lord, my God!”

3.  O that the world might know

the all atoning Lamb!

Spirit of faith, descend and show

the virtue of his name;

the grace which all may find,

the saving power, impart,

and testify to humankind,

and speak in every heart.

4. Inspire the living faith

(which whosoe’er receive,

the witness in themselves they have

and consciously believe),

the faith that conquers all,

and doth the mountain move,

and saves whoe’er on Jesus call,

and perfects them in love.


  1. I began my morning (Sunday) by rereading the blogs of the last two weeks. What a great way to start a week.
    How good to focus, not on the lack of musicians, but on the topic of slavery and freedom. We tend to skip those subjects. And although we rejoice in freedom; I sometimes wonder if our biggest fear is to be truly free.
    How well Michael Gungor has captured the spirit of our society. Always that next big hit… both literally and figuratively… something to buoy us up and over the mundane and pain of life. For about 3 years I went to a church where every part of the service focused on one thought, principle or teaching. There was a unique “richness” and depth in those services.
    I have read the words of Charles Wesley’s hymn more than once. It is amazing how much he can “pack” into such few words. What a good way for you all there to mark Pentecost.
    So thank you Stacey, for the challenge and encouragement that these blogs have been.


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